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Sincerity Pays, a short story by Umar Sani Abdullahi Featured

Saturday, 31 December 2016 00:00 Written by  Published in KidsZone Read 890 times

Umar Sani Abdullahi tells a story of an orphan who grew from grass to grace just by being truthful in his line of trade.


Adigun was born to a family of poor parents. He started schooling at the age of eight. His other siblings did not have the luxury of going to school because of the poverty.

In his third year, he lost his father and the mother became the breadwinner of the family. Adigun had to abandon schooling to help his mother on her farm. After sometime, he went back to school, wrote his common entrance examination and came out with a good result. He furthermore completed six years in junior and senior secondary schools, wrote his WAEC/NECO and also came out with an excellent performance.

He got admission into one of the best universities in his state but was bothered about the entrance fee, however, his mother helped with the payment.

When he was in level 300, his mother fell seriously ill and died. He was so sad about this because of the numerous plans he had for his mother.

Adigun was now an orphan with no way of feeding. However he focused himself on his study just to get the best of it. He also tried and engaged himself in a work to sustain himself and pay his tuition fees.

Soon Adigun graduated with second class (upper) and was posted to the city of his town for the National Youth Service programme.

After the service, he searced for job, but could not get any. This made him had a re-think and forgot about seeking for government or private job. He thought and decided to be a shoemaker. He was very proud of this profession. He moved out early by 8:00am in the morning and returned around 6:00pm in the evening, and always earned an income which allowed him to feed daily.

One fateful afternoon, Adigun decided to rest under a tree before going back to work when a huge car parked beside him. The man inside the car asked him to polish his shoe for him. He quickly took out his tools and polished the shoe. When Adigun finished, the man gave him five hundred naira. But Unfortunately Adigun has no change on him. This made him to go to the next street to look for the change. Before Adigun came back the man had gone. While Adigun was trying to pack his tools back into the basket, he noticed a brown envelope on the bench which the man was sitting on. He opened the envelope and to his surprise, he saw thousands of dollars inside, with the man’s wallet, which contained his National I.D card, an ATM card, visa, e-passport and his office address.

The following day, Adigun traced the man’s office and luckily he located it. The man was very surprised and happy to see him return the items and thus, decided to reward Adigun. With that kind of mindset, the man decided to offer the position of the managing director of his company to Adigun without asking for any qualifications from him.

Adigun was very happy with this and saw that God has led him to the Promised Land. But Adigun was sad on the other hand, because of the plans he had for his late, caring mother. All he could do was to pray for her forgiveness and give charity on her behalf.

Within two years Adigun built his own house, bought very attractive cars, and got married.

Moral: Be truthful in whatever you are doing.

Umar Sani Abdullahi (08141596535) of Aminu Kano Way, Kano is a student of FCE Staff Secondary School, Kano