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Nigeria would've collapsed if PDP had Won — M.B. Shehu Featured

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M. B. Shehu M. B. Shehu

You worked very closely with the APC Presidential Campaign Organization (APC PCO) as well as the Buhari Support Organization (BSO) throughout the campaign as well as election processes. How has the journey to success been?

Well, it was a learning experience. It was hectic sometimes, but other times due to the overwhelming support of people and volunteers, it was not so. I think it was something that is historical in the Nigerian context, never in the history of Nigeria had a candidate came without money, just ideas, determination and drive yet became successful in being elected. So, there were a lot of challenges. Some of them were overcome, some were left to God and Allah did his miracle for us and for Nigeria.
The government of the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari will be coming to power with very high expectations from Nigerians. How do you plan to meet up to these expectations?

Well, just like the time he came on board as a military leader in 1984, when he reminded Nigerians that it was not possible for salaries to be paid within a day or two. The situation now is worst than what it was then. Thus, we urged Nigerians to continue to pray for the team that is coming in and for the incoming president. We also urge them to be patient. It is a herculean task but we are determined to come up with a government that everyone will be proud of and we are also determined to set up machinery in motion whereby the kinds of lawlessness and impunity that took place in the previous years will not be repeated. We are also determined to rebuild all the institutions that have been nearly destroyed, and we urge Nigerians to give us some time and we will get there by the grace of God.  We will work with the incoming National Assembly. We are going to do things according to law, as such whatever issues we have, we will try as much as possible to persuade Nigerians on why our course of action is what is needed to set Nigeria on a proper footing.

There is this sense of apprehension amongst a segment of Nigerians on the possibility of the different forces that constitute the APC not being able to work together, because of the belief that they are strange bedfellows. What do you have to say about this?

That is just propaganda of the ruling party. They had predicted that the APC will disintegrate within a year. That didn't happen. There is nothing like strange bed follows. The people of the South West have been traditionally progressives when it comes to political direction, from the time of Awolowo to date. The people of the North West have been traditionally conservatives with the exception of Kano, Funtua, Bakori, Zaria down to parts of Jos and Kaduna, whose politics has always been radical of the NEPU type from the time of Aminu Kano. The people of Borno had always been different, they have had political associations around the Kanuris and of course we had the United Middle-Belt Congress (UMBC) of J.S. Tarka. Even back then, there had been several attempts to form an alliance or even merge, but usually the incumbent government infiltrates with money and positions to scuttle the process.

Now, every section of Nigeria understood the country is in trouble, so we were all able to set aside our egos and differences, come together and merge into a single political party. We decided to choose the best candidate and Buhari, like it or not, is the greatest living politician in Nigeria today. He had succeeded where others had failed, and I think he will unite us more and will run a government that everyone will be pleased with, and in which everyone's interest will be protected, as long as that interest is within the national interest of Nigeria. So, I have no doubt in my mind that he will provide good leadership and the idea of strange bed fellows has more to do with the PDP. They couldn't even agree on who their candidates would be in a lot of places before the elections, and you can see what happened within the last couple of years.

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