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Through the ballots, on March 28 and April 11, 2015, Nigerians made their decisions at last.

Since 1999, the Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) had controlled the federal and most state governments in Nigeria. Sixteen years of efforts to put Nigeria on a pedestal towards development, citizens of this great black African nation rejected the offer to renew its deal with the PDP! They decided to go with a new party, one that promises to do everything differently from the PDP; one that came with the slogan of 'Change'.
The All Progressive Congress (APC) has sealed a new social contract with Nigerians.

It was remarkable that despite the ethno-tribal and religious differences that have always barred Nigerians from attaining commonality of purpose, the 2015 elections turned in results that tend to suggest that there was a semblance of unity in purpose. The Southwest of Nigeria was decidedly the most unpredictable and hence most dicey. The zone did not disappoint, as results from there were relatively fluid, unlike the other zones were they were rigidly tilted.

Also remarkable was the ease with which the president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan conceded defeat, without having to put the nation through any orgy of violence that would have trailed any attempt to manipulate the results. It was unknown to Nigeria that the party in power would 'allow' itself to be defeated by an opposition. In Africa, it is still a relatively new ideal, one that is not commanding any significant followership.

After all the euphoria, comes the time for reflection. Campaign promises are what they are. Realities are realities. It is time for the government-in-waiting to take a real good look at the Nigerian problems, make a genuine assessment of them and come up with projected panaceas, realistically.

For the PDP, it is time for self-assessment. What went wrong, when and how? Already, the party is showing signs of disarray, an indication that it is oblivious to the problems, of either mis-governance or internal politics that have caused it defeat. It is also giving signals that it may not be in a position to stand firm as a major opposition that would be capable of wrestling back power in future elections.

Above all, Nigerians must have learnt how it feels to assert their rights as citizens to decide who governs them. There should be looking back. Four year from now, Nigerians can as well do it again. Anyone entrusted with governance who did not measure up to the expectation of the citizens should be ready to be shown the way out.

Flip on to enjoy this package, as we wish all Nigerians positive changes. 


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