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A happy boy A happy boy

Bashir Mustapha Ahmad narrates how an orphan survived the cruelty of his uncles and the hardships of society to become a respected leader by living with the principle of ‘forgive and forget’.


Mustapha stopped and listened. “I’m coming!” he responded.

Mustapha was a good and honest boy but he has no father. His father died in an auto crash. Even though his father was a wealthy man, his father’s people packed all his properties. Therefore, Mustapha and his mother became poor in a village called Kibiya.

Mustapha attended primary school only. His mother had no money to send him to secondary school. He only farmed for his mother always. They will sell half of their farm produce and half of it they will eat for them to survive. At last she managed to make the money. For two years, he waited and at last, he made it to secondary school.

In the school, he made two friends whose names are Mujahid and Musa. His friends were very good and honest, like him. But one problem Mustapha had was that he cannot read English language very well. One teacher, Malam Sufyan, a very good man, taught Mustapha how to read English language.

One day, a boy named Joseph lost his money. No one knew where his money was. Suddenly, he said that it was Mustapha that stole it. Mustapha said it was not him, and his friends, Musa and Mujahid, believed him.

When the case was reported to the principal, he said “We are going to send you home to meet your mother so that you will rest for a while.” As he went home, his mother was surprised to see him. So she asked, “What happened?” So he told her all what happened.

Within three days, the principal called his mother to send him back to school. She sent him back. When Mustapha reached school, one of his friends told him that Joseph has found his money in the story books hall. While they were chatting, Joseph came to him and asked him to forgive him for what he had done. Later on, Malam Sufyan called Mustapha to teach him a small lesson in life on how to forgive and forget. Hence, Mustapha forgave Joseph.

As the time for examination approached, Mustapha was afraid because he has never sat for any secondary school examination. Musa and Mujahid said to him, “We will help you during the examination. Don’t be afraid.”

The first paper came and went. Mustapha told his friends, “This paper was not as hard as I thought.” The second paper was Mathematics. It was not hard too. As they finished all their examinations, Mustapha took 3rd in the class, Musa came 1st and Mujahid, 2nd. And that was how he finished his secondary school.

After graduating from secondary school, Mustapha entered the university. He finished his degree and graduated. While he was leaving the university to travel back home, armed robbers attacked them on their way. They kidnapped him and then later on shot him on his leg. He fainted. They thought he was dead and so, they ran away and left him in the bush.

Next day, one beautiful girl, Aisha came to fetch water. She saw and saved him near the river. She was shocked and afraid. But still, she mustered courage and took him to their home. Her father took good care of him until he was healed.

There was one problem in the village; they don’t have light. But because Mustapha studied Electrical Engineering in the university, he helped fix their light. The villagers made him their councilor. Even as councilor, he was busy with his engineering work, and he became rich eventually. The village kept on developing.

Mustapha married Aisha and then they had a boy whom they named Bashir. Later on, they went back to see Mustapha’s mother and his friends. His father’s relative came to him and apologised, asking him to forgive and forget. Remembering the lessons his teacher, Malam Sufyan, thought him, he forgave them and they lived happily ever after. His mother was happy to see her son and grandson, Bashir, who grew up and learnt the ways of life.