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Alhaji Ahmed Abubakar Nakura, CEO of Nakura International Limited Alhaji Ahmed Abubakar Nakura, CEO of Nakura International Limited

Alhaji Ahmed Abubakar Nakura, the CEO of Nakura International Limited, is the representative of the School on Air (SOA) project in northern Nigeria. He speaks here on how the technology would make a difference in the pursuit of education in the north. 


The SOA concept uses ICT to complement conventional teaching and learning process among students. Tell us more about the initiative?

The initiative is really wonderful and I am sure it will help our students in their education, which is the bedrock of any developed society. The concept is aimed at promoting self-learning among students without their necessarily being in a classroom and with a teacher. This means a child can also learn while at home after school using the e-learning technology which affords him the opportunity to ask the tutor to repeat what he said which is not always possible in a conventional classroom system. The e-schooling concept also allows the students the opportunity for self-assessment. As a northern representative for the initiative, I have been making consultations with educationists, some of whom are university professors who are guiding me to ensure we succeed.


The SOA curriculum covers only senior secondary schools. Do you have plans for integrating the curricula of junior secondary schools, primary schools and possibly tertiary institutions?

Yes, it is on process, work on the curricula for JSS and primary schools are on the processes and that of the tertiary institutions is also on process. Very soon, we will launch them.


E-learning materials tend to be expensive, what plans do you have to make the e-schooling materials affordable?

The materials are just the tablet and the application for the curriculum which is installed on the device. And it is not necessary that one buys our own customized tablet which means one can come with their tablet devices, or even cheap android phones on which we will install the curriculum for their use. Installing the monthly curriculum will cost around N2000 per month which is cheap compared to what people are paying lesson teachers a month, whereby you will find someone paying up to N20, 000 per child in a month. So the technology is really affordable, including our customized tablet, the Nacoms tablet, which is also cheap since we are going to set up a plant in Kano to be producing it. We have already ordered for the machines that will be producing it and our technicians that will install them are also on their way to Nigeria to do that.


What are the challenges so far?

We don’t face many challenges because the e-school idea is a very new technology in the country which is why people are welcoming it. The concept allows students the opportunity to listen and watch lessons on videos; either online or offline.

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