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Quadri Aruna: Here comes Nigeria's King of Ping Pong Featured

Sunday, 01 February 2015 00:00 Written by  Published in Table-Tennis Read 896 times
Quadri Aruna: Nigeria's table-tennis king Quadri Aruna: Nigeria's table-tennis king

Quadri Aruna flagged off his journey to stardom on the streets of the Old Oyo Town, where he engaged his peers on street corners in the ping-pong game.
Born on the 9th August, 1988, the Nigerian tennis star player represented Nigeria at the 2012 Olympic Games, where he defeated a Spanish player, before being knocked out.

The Civil Defense officer said the lack of aggressive grassroots development programmes is responsible for the dwindling fortune of table tennis on the African continent.

Quadri, after being shown the exit at the 2012 Olympics, said "Athletes from Europe, Asia and other continents start from the grassroots, which is not the case in Africa. And for Nigeria and Africa to win medals at the Olympics, there must be proper grassroots sports development, which will teach the basics and techniques of the game when the athletes are still young."

Quadri, who is married to a female table tennis player, emerged the ITTF 2014 star player of the year and ranked 30 by the governing body.
Citing who is his hero, he cited Nigeria's most celebrated Table Tennis player Atanda Musa.

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