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My fans mean the world to me - Hazy D Featured

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Hazy D: My fans mean a lot Hazy D: My fans mean a lot Mustapha Salihu

Hamza Muhammad Ishaq Ejeba, widely known as Hazy D-Star, is a part of the Black Unity Family Entertainment group. A final year student of Library and Information Science at Bayero University, Kano, the Dekina, Kogi state born ebony-black 25 years old has made his mark in the Kano music scene, where he has honed his act for about a decade. In a chat with Mustapha Salihu, Hazy D- said this forthcoming effort will be an exposition of rap and RnB genres, garnished with Hausa, Igala and English Languages.


What is your background like?
 I am from a family of eight, four males and four females. I lost my dad and my eldest brother. May their souls rest in peace (Amen). While alive, my late father was a Kano-based clearing and forwarding agent and my mum a full-time housewife. They both hail from Abocho town, Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi state. That makes me Igala by tribe.

Are you a full-time musician?
Well, I would not say I am a professional singer yet because I am currently schooling so as to build a solid foundation for myself. I am reading Library/ Information Science and Political Science, a combined honours course at the Bayero University, Kano.

Combining education with entertainment is obviously not easy. How do you cope?
It is not an easy task, but I have my ways of doing things. I can conveniently say that ninety-seven percent of my time is channeled to my studies for now, and music has just three percent. So, with the help of Allah, things are moving smoothly for me.

A person's philosophy helps greatly in shaping his lifestyle to an extent. What is yours like?
My philosophy in life is to get knowledge that will be of help to me and my people. Besides, I want to make my mark and leave a legacy in life.

What is your impression about music?
To me, music is love and love is life.

How was it the very first time you were on stage?
It was a street show in Kano where I got a lot of accolades from fans. I think that was on Christmas Eve of 2005 and ever since then, I have resolved to make entertainment my profession. By the time I complete my studies, it would be fun making money through music all the way.
Which of the musical instruments do you play?
I play keyboard. I like composing instrumentals in the studio, but I play mostly for myself.

What is your brand of music and how do you come about it?
Seriously speaking, my music is RnB and dancehall. I sometimes do rap too. I get inspired when I am alone in my room or in the bathroom. My songs resonate around real life occurrences. They are mainly situational songs.

How many singles and albums have you dropped yet?
Actually, I have a lot of singles. While I am done with some of them, others are still at the works undergoing more touches that are rudimentary. So far, I have more than thirty songs in my kitty, but no album yet. I am only bidding my time to drop what would really be acceptable.

Is this the only reason you have not released an album?
To release an album is not an easy task. It is a wholesome job. What I mean is that anyone worth his/her onion must take his/her time before dropping an album. It takes a lot to achieve technically and financial wise. I want my album to be among the best if not the best when I eventually release one. So I am working on it and very soon I will drop an awesome album.

Does being an entertainer guarantee your survival?
Of course, with music I can guarantee food on my table. I go for shows and I get paid for my performance. It might not be much, but at least it encourages me and helps me to get to the next level.
What is your future aspiration?
Every rational being should have a dream to better his/her life and be great. So mine is to be great and popular in the entertainment world.

 What is your relationship with fans, especially female ones?
To me, my relationship with my fans is that of pamper. I try to pamper them because they mean a whole lot to me than meet the eyes. For instance, the care and value I have for a hundred million naira is the same I have for one fan. What this means is that one fan is equal to a hundred million naira. So I have no option than to always maintain a very tender relationship with them. I cannot be harsh or rude to my fans for any reason. Let's just leave it at that.

 Do you have a girlfriend and are you planning to settle down soon?
I have a plan for wedlock, but that should be after my studies, and it will be better for me after dropping my second album. She must be a girl that will love what I am doing, I mean music. She should support me with advice and any other way she can. I hate girls who nag, so I have no space for anyone with this trait.

Who are your role models?
My heroes in entertainment are the late Michael Jackson and R-Kelly. In Nigeria, I have YQ, P-Square, Face Alone, Black Face, Sound Sultan and Sarkodie, the Ghanaian actor.

Do you have a word or two of advice for your fans?
I will say a big thanks to my fans, and I will advise them to keep showing their love and support, because without them I would not be who I am today, musically speaking…Once again I say a very big thank you, and keep the spirit alive…One love.

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